Monday, November 17, 2008

Jythonroid: Jython runs successfully on Android Emulator

What is jythonroid

Jythonroid is a project for porting jython on Android platform. Created by ClassFoo.

Jythonroid is for console-only at this time. It means oneday Android has console/terminal app in device, you could use jython on real android phone. (or please point me if there's an exist console/terminal app for Android)

Jythondroid was worked on m5-build but outdated when 1.0 SDK comes out. Now Jythonroid (branch) works on 1.0 SDK & Android Emulator again. Since there's no GUI yet, you could checked out the code, run the emulator(install in emulator), and use adb shell on PC to try jythonroid.

Project Url


1. check out the source

use svn to check out the project source

$ svn co jythonroid

2. import project

In Eclipse, select "File > Import > Existing Projects into Workspace" in tool bar to import jythonroid project into your workspace.

3. setup emulator and run

setup debug settings and press "Debug/Run" button to install jythonroid into Emulator.

4. Run with adb shell

WARN: Since jythonroid is in its early phase, at this time it could only be evaluated on dalvik vm/emulator.

open adb shell, enter data/app folder, and run jythonroid

$ adb shell
# cd data/app
# dalvikvm -classpath org.classfoo.apk org.python.util.jython

Here's the screenshot:

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