Auto-configured FirefoxOS Build Environment in a VM

I’m pleased to release first FoxBox version that may save a lot of time for people who wants to give FirefoxOS development a try.

For web developer who wants to contribute to gaia might meet a serious problem that they might have limit knowledge of *nix system. But to build gaia, the command line and make script is essential.

For developer who wants to contribute to B2G project, a bunch of per-requisite settings must be configured well before really digging into the code.

FoxBox could help (currently I mainly focus on) B2G/gaia developer quickly setup a working environment in VM.

Generally FoxBox 0.4 provide a Vagrantfile which automatically configure a VM with bunch of tools you need for building FirefoxOS and gaia development.

FoxBox have put a comprehend list of USB vendors, so any Android/FirefoxOS smartphone plugged can be identified.

With vagrant’s NFS shared folder, developer can use their favorite editor to code.

FoxBox also bundled with a minimum GUI environment that enable you to test FirefoxOS in VM. Firefox Nightly will be pre-installed for you as well!

Read README for more detail.

Happy Hacking!

Disclaim: Though I work for mozilla, FoxBox is not an official project of Mozilla. Currently its just my side project create around Chinese New Year’s holiday.