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Build an INET Application layer Module: Initial Test

· 2 min read

----in IPv6SuiteWithINET: work---- Applications/UDPApp 下新增 "", "NDSBasicApp.h", "NDSBasicApp.ned".

makemake nmake -f depend (option) m.bat

----in INET: not work---- Our goal is to build a UDP based Application named NDSApp.

1. Add "NDSApp" folder in "INET/Applications" folder

2. Modifiy "INET/makemake.cmd" to generate makefile for the new App(If you add/remove/rename directories). set ALL_INET_INCLUDES: append -I%root%/Applications/NDSApp

We copied the line "cd %root%\Applications\UDPApp && ....." and change "UDPApp" to "NDSApp"

cd %root%\Nodes\INET: append -I....\Applications\NDSApp

3. Copy files "", "UDPApp.h", "UDPApp.ned" from "UDPApp" folder, Rename "", "UDPApp.h", "UDPApp.ned" to "", "NDSApp.h", "NDSApp.ned".

4. In file "" "#include "UDPApp.h"" to "#include "NDSApp.h"" Replace the class inherits and function names from "UDP"xx to "NDS"xx, ex: "UDPSink::initialize();" to "NDSSink::initialize();"

5. Add NDSApp to StandardHost Modifiy INET/Nodes/StandardHost.ned At import section: append "NDSApp,"

At module StandardHost parameters section: Append "numNdsApps : numeric const, "ndsAppType : string,"

At module StandardHost submodules section: Append ndsApp: ndsAppType[numNdsApps] like NDSApp; display: "i=block/app;p=392,67";

At module StandardHost connections section: Append "for i=0..numNdsApps-1 do ndsApp[i].to_udp --> udp.from_application++; ndsApp[i].from_udp <-- udp.to_application++; endfor;"

makemake nmake -f depend m.bat

Then test it in Example/INET/Multicast

modify its omnetpp.ini

set UDPApp off

udp app (off)

.numUdpApps=0 .udpAppType="UDPApp"

modified udp app configuration to nds app configuration, note the captions.