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FreeBSD TCP/IP-Stack to OMNeT++

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I found this paper through IEEE Xplore, and intrest in the topic "Eval freeBSD protocol stack in OMNeT++".

Integration of the FreeBSD TCP/IP-Stack into the Discrete Event Simulator OMNet++ Bless, R.; Doll, M.; Simulation Conference, 2004. Proceedings of the 2004 Winter Volume 2, December 5-8, 2004 Page(s):487 - 492


  • In asimulation environment one wants to run several hosts in parallel, So every required global and static FreeBSD variable must be made local to each host. -> a structure to store all the kernel variables for one host. -> Consequently,in the FreeBSD source every occurrence of the variables must be replaced by a reference into the corresponding structure.

ex: xyz is replaced to D->xyz

where D points to the current host structure that contains all the global and static kernel variables for this particular host.

  • Encapsulate the complete TCP/IP into one OMNeT++ simple module.

Others are out of my knowledge...... In consequence, I think porting protocol stacks from different architecture is still not an easy way....