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Dogfooding FxOS 2.2 one more month

· One min read

I've finished another iteration of dogfooding with Firefox OS 2.2. This is the version by far I'm pretty enjoy to use in daily base, without a backup Android phone.

Since my main usage of smart phone is browsing news and web sites, the new Browser frame serves me well.

The edge swiping is still awesome. Swipe left to right or vice versa from the off screen is more efficient than task manager.

In task manager, a small close button in bottom left of each card, make a more intuitive way to clean a web app.

Some web app made the dogfood more easier.

  • FeedSpider: The news feed via feedly

  • Social

  • Facebook and Twitter: Browse their web site, then add them on Homescreen* Map

  • Google Map:  Browse the web site, then add it on Homescreen* Note taking The last thing I want to have is the bookmark sync.

Since the dogfooding experience is so positive, I'll challenge with dogfooding nightly build in next month.