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Quick Settings Enhancement Addon

· One min read

As the Firefox OS Settings Peer, I still feel its not efficient to toggle everything in Settings, because it needs too many steps such as: 1. Open Settings app, 2. Find proper item, which may located in sub panels, 3. Do the action with that setting.

During hackthon in Taipei last month, Yifan and I made the Quick Settings Enhancement Addon, and now its available on marketplace (within the :debug mode).

How it looks like?

The addon add plenty of Settings switch(NFC, Internet Sharing, Lock Orientation, Battery Saving Mode, Geolocation, Enable USB Storage), Settings shortcut (Developer panel configs), Power menu shortcut (Silence Incomming Calls) and.....the Flashlight to quick settings menu!

We also found it will take a lot of estate of your utility tray, so FYR we'd propose a at most 2 clicks mockup to handle those quick settings.

The codebase is at Welcome to contribute.