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2007 年度程式語言 -- Python !

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TIOBE 機構宣佈了 Python 程式語言成為 2007 年度程式語言。 今年的競爭相當激烈,但是最終 Python 語言以最高的年成長率 (2.04%) 拔得頭籌。 尚沒有明確原因能解釋為何 Python 語言在 2007 年能獲得那麼大的成長。

從有紀錄以來,上個月 Python 語言的普及度首次超越了 Perl 語言。 這是 Python 語言已成為在系統層級上主流黏合語言的指標。 系統管理者與版本管理者特別地喜愛 Python 語言。

Python 語言也很有可能因為即將發佈的 Python 3, 而進一步在 2008 年獲得更高的普及率。


Python has been declared as programming language of 2007. It was a close finish, but in the end Python appeared to have the largest increase in ratings in one year time (2.04%). There is no clear reason why Python made this huge jump in 2007. Last month Python surpassed Perl for the first time in history, which is an indication that Python has become the "de facto" glue language at system level. It is especially beloved by system administrators and build managers. Chances are high that Python's star will rise further in 2008, thanks to the upcoming release of Python 3.

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