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· 3 min read

After migrated my blog from blogger to github, at the end of 2016, I've migrated my blog and home page to host on github as well.

Both sites are fully stored in github and deployed automatically via Travis CI.

Before auto deploy

Before apply auto deploy method, the usual workflow to hosting web page on github are 2 steps:

First, user commit changes to local git master branch.

graph LR user(User) master[Local:master] user -- commits* --> master

Then, user run the build process to generate contents for deploy.

graph LR user(User) dist[dist/] user -- build --> dist

Then, use git commands to push generated contents to github gh-pages branch

graph LR user(User) ghpages[Github:gh-pages] user -- deploy --> ghpages

At this time, our source code is still stored in local machine, we have to push the changes to github as well for safety.

graph LR user(User) master[Github:master] user -- push --> master

Of course the manual works can be improved. After apply auto deploy method, all I have to do is commit to github and let the web services do the rest.

After auto deploy

Here's what my current workflow looks like

graph LR master[Github:master] travis[Travis CI] ghpages[Github:gh-pages] User -- commit --> master master -. auto build .-> travis travis -. auto deploy .-> ghpages

The dot line process are automatically done for you.

Github page auto deploy to rescue

After auto deploy, I am able to run test, do lint check, and build source with a few changes on .travis.yml(The travis configuration file), the only thing I need to care about is the content. The bonus is github now become my online web page editor. Web page is auto updated after each commit.

All these automation only needs one time setup, which is a pretty good deal to save foreseeable deploy time. For security concern, my current workflow add the github token into Travis environment variables(to let Travis able to commit gh-pages), and make the actual git push quiet to prevent showing the token on Travis.

To not reinvent wheels myself, I distilled the auto deploy scripts and instructions into ghpage-auto-deploy project. you can use it to deploy your next web page as well.

Fork the ghpage-auto-deploy project to get start, feel free to add new issues to send suggestions or pull request to me if you want to imporove it.